Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim
Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim

Sinsheim - T-34-85

Soviet T-34/85 tank that saw action in the final year of World War II and is often considered the best tank of World War II

Sinsheim - T-34-85

Red Army T-34/85 tank with the Polish National Roundel indicating that the tank had a Polish Crew

Sinsheim - T-55 main battle tank

Soviet T-55 Main Battle Tank was the most widely produced post World War II tank

Sinsheim - T-72

The T-72 entered production in the 1970s and is still employed during recent conflicts including Syria, Libya, South Ossetia and Iraq

Sinsheim - T-72 engine

The T-72 turbocharger W46-6 V-12 is a diesel engine that can also run on gasoline and gas

Sinsheim - BTR-152

BTR-152 armored personnel carrier replaced by the BTR-60 in 1970 but still in service with the Russian Army until 1993

Sinsheim - BTR-60

The BTR-60 armored personnel carrier was developed to replace the BTR-152 during the 1960s, over 25.000 were produced

Sinsheim - BMP-1

BMP-1 amphibious infantry fighting vehicle that was produced between 1962 and 1982 and used by many Warsaw Pact armies

Sinsheim - SU-100 tank destroyer

SU-100 Soviet tank destroyer, used during the last year of World War II and for many years afterwards by the Warsaw Pact

Sinsheim - ZiS-2 Gun

World War 2 Soviet ZiS-2 gun captured by the Germans and modified to an anti tank gun called Pak

Sinsheim - ZiS-3 76 mm divisional gun M1942

Much produced Soviet ZiS-3 gun, captured by the Germans but never employed due to the unusual caliber

Sinsheim - 3.7 CM Flak M-39

The 3.7 CM anti-aircraft gun model 1939 was part of the standard armament of Soviet AA artillery during and after World War 2

Sinsheim - Skoda Kanone M40

High quality 21 cm cannon build by Skoda for Turkey, the M40 could fire 25 round per hour and had a reach of 30km

Sinsheim - 21-CM Kanone 39

Czechoslovakian 21 cm Kanone 39 used by the Germans during Operation Barbarossa, the Siege of Odessa, Siege of Leningrad and the Siege of Sevastopol

Sinsheim - MoAZ 6014 Scraper

The MoAZ 6014 is a scraper used for earth moving, efficient for short hauls where the cut and fill areas are close together