Photos Tashkent Rail Museum
Photos Tashkent Rail Museum

Photos Railway Museum Tashkent

The Museum of Railway Technics is Tashkent is the best Railway museum we have visited to date (St. Petersburg and Riga are still on our to do list). We spend couple of hours in the museum enjoying the vintage Soviet steam, diesel and electrical locomotives. Photos of every exhibited locomotive, carriage and technical equipment can be found on this page.

The Museum owns 13 steam, 18 Diesel and 3 Electric Locomotives plus a great collection of Soviet Railway Engineering material like cranes and snow removers. Highlights are the Steam locomotives that date from the 1930s to the 1950s and include a Krieg Locomotive captured from the Germans after World War II. The Tashkent railways museum is a must see for train enthusiast and those interested in Soviet machinery in general.

Tashkent - Tashkent railway museum

Entrance to the Tashkent Railway Museum located near the main Railway Station in the centre of Tashkent

Tashkent - Ov 1534 steam locomotive

Ov 1534 steam locomotive build 1914, O class steam locomotives were produced in large Quantities by Russia and later the USSR

Tashkent - Ov 1534 steam locomotive

Interior of the Ov 1534 steam locomotive with pressure gauges and the door to the fire box

Tashkent - Eu 705-74 steam locomotive

Eu 705-74 steam locomotive build in 1930, over 2500 Eu class locomotives were build between 1926 and 1931

Tashkent - Em732-35 steam locomotive

Em class steam locomotive produced by the American Baldwin factory for the Soviet Union in 1931

Tashkent - FD 20-2849 steam locomotive

FD class steam locomotive number 2849 produced by the Voroshilovgradskom plant in Luhansk Ukraine, in 1932

Tashkent - 9P-649 steam locomotive

This 9P class steam locomotive known as the Petushok (cockerel), was build in Kolomna in 1932 and used for industrial purpose

Tashkent - SO 17-2657 steam locomotive

SO 17 class steam locomotive constructed in 1934, this class was named after Georgian Bolshevik and Politburo member Grigory Ordzhonikidze

Tashkent - Er772-89 steam locomotive

Er772 steam locomotive build in Russia in 1939 and not Czechoslovakia as the museum states, the Er772 was main locomotive used at the front during the second World War

Tashkent - TE-5200 steam locomotive

Former German DRB Class 52 steam locomotive known as kriegslok build in 1943, captured by the Soviets and renamed TE 5200

Tashkent - Kch4-228 steam locomotive

Kch4-228 narrow gauge locomotive in front of the museum, produced by Skoda in Czechoslovakia in 1949

Tashkent - P36-0250 steam locomotive

The P36 class were the last Soviet steam locomotive series built by the Kolomna Works named after Kuibyshev in 1949

Tashkent - P36-0250 steam locomotive

The Class P36 could reach speeds of 128 km/ph and was one of the best passenger steam locomotive classes built in the Soviet Union

Tashkent - LV-0487 steam locomotive

LV class steam locomotive build by the Voroshilovgrad factory in 1956, the LV was the most efficient freight steam locomotive in the Soviet Union

Tashkent - LV-0487 steam locomotive

LV-0487 was used to haul heavy freight trains, standing besides its makes you appreciate the seize of this giant locomotive