13-Nov-2010 Museum Aviation and military museums in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries are the best place to see Soviet military and civilian aircraft. Some museums or airfields in Western Europe also posses Soviet made aircraft. This articles looks at Soviet aircraft displayed in the Netherlands, mainly a couple of MiG-21’s and An-2 biplanes. More: Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands

12-Nov-2010 Museum Liberty park is the combination of two Dutch World War II museums, the Dutch National War and Resistance Museum and the Marshall Museum. The museum is based in Overloon at the location were the greatest tank battle in Dutch history took place in 1944. Many destroyed tanks were left on the battlefield and after the war it was decided to create a museum park here. The main collection exists of American, German and English World War II vehicles but the museum also has some Soviet World War II and Cold War hardware. More: Liberty park Overloon

03-Nov-2010 Museum Directly after the fall of communism people started to bring down communist statue’s everywhere in Eastern Europe. Little remains of the communist era in cities like Prague and Budapest nowadays. One exception is Szobor Statue Park (now renamed Memento Park) close to Budapest. An Hungarian entrepreneur has bought up a large collection of Lenin, Marx and other statue’s and created a theme park where they are displayed. Comtourist friend Paul went to Budapest and shot some photo’s for us. More: Szoborpark statue park

30-Oct-2010 Submarine Comtourist is based in Amsterdam so we quickly got in our boat when we heard that somebody bought a Soviet Zulu class submarine and docked it in the Amsterdam harbour. The submarine has been stripped of its interior to serve as a party location but some of its original features are still in place. We were able to climb on the Zulu and enter the sail were the compass is still in place. The submarine turned out to be a bad party location and is now waiting to be sold as scrap metal. Comtourist find’s it a shame that the submarine cannot be saved, but we did shoot some nice pictures of this rare Soviet Cold War vessel. More: Zulu submarine Amsterdam

13-Oct-2010 Museum Wings of liberation in Best is an interesting war museum in the South of the Netherlands. The museum exists of a private collection of war vehicles dedicated to the US airborne troops involved in the liberation of the Netherlands in Word War II. There are seven buildings with diorama’s on various theme’s like Operation Market Garden, American command post and the Scottish highland division. One building is dedicated to operation Barbarossa and GDR border guards, reason for Comtourist to pay a visit. More: Wings of liberation Best