01-May-2011 History Today The shipping routes near the Dutch Island Terschelling are notoriously dangerous many have ships sunk or ran to ground near the Island for ages. Local divers have salvaged many interning items from the wrecks, now displayed in the Wreck Museum. The museum has a series of exhibits from the islands most famous ship wreck a Soviet coaster named OKA-18. More: OKA-18 wreck Terschelling

17-Mar-2011 History Today Lenin’s Mausoleum was the holy shrine of the Lenin cult during the Soviet era. Stalin, and other Soviet leaders have a tomb behind the mausoleum, other important Soviets were buried in the Kremlin wall. Visiting the mausoleum and Kremlin wall necropolis is still a special occasion today, even though many of the buried people are controversial to say the least. More: Inside Lenin's Mausoleum

12-Mar-2011 Submarine One of Kaliningrad’s main attractions is the B-413 a Soviet Foxtrot class submarine, belonging to the Museum of the World Ocean. Foxtrot submarines were deployed as long range patrol vessels by the Baltic fleet until 1995. The B-413 is maintained by former crew members who also provide guided tours trough the diesel submarine. The submarine is in excellent state and all it’s original equipment and weapon systems are still in place. Visitors can also climb in the periscope room and operate the periscope. More: Foxtrot submarine Kalliningrad

22-Jan-2011 Cars The Comtourist crew loves communist era cars from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and especially Czechoslovakia. Comtourist owned a Skoda 105 until we sold it since we could not store it indoors and feared for the condition of this classic car. We do have great memories of the Skoda and now we will buy another one in the future. More: Our Skoda 105

28-Dec-2010 Museum Riga Aviation Museum is located on Riga International Airport and has a large collection of Soviet era military aircraft. Highlights are the giant Mil Mi-4 helicopter, Tu-22 bomber and MiG-25 among many other aircraft. The Aviation museum is an excellent place to kill some time during a stop over when flying Air Baltic via Riga. More: Riga Aviation museum

25-Dec-2010 Museum The Dutch Army Museum is based in the arsenal of Delft and tells the story of the Dutch army throughout the ages. The museum collection includes some interesting exhibits relating to the communist adversaries during the Cold War. Most interesting is a T-55AM tank was partially cut open and used by the East German army to train officers and tank commanders. More: Dutch Army museum

22-Dec-2010 Museum Krakow is a beautiful city well worth a visit for many reasons. The Polish Aviation Museum is one good reason to go to Krakow, it has a very large collection of Soviet made aircraft that are very well maintained. The museum is easy to reach from the city and has a complete collection displayed both in various hangars and outside. Some of the highlights are an Il-28, MiG-29, Tu-2 plus many Polish aircraft from the Cold War era. More: Polish Aviation museum

21-Dec-2010 History Today The Dutch Island Texel was the location of the last battle of World War II in Europe, fought out between the Germans and muting Georgians. A vicious battle claimed many casualties on the both sides. This battle that went on after the German capitulation is largely forgotten today but a Soviet cemetery and a small museum about the uprising can still be found on Texel. More: Georgian uprising Texel

14-Dec-2010 Museum Many excellent aviation and military museums can be found all over Britain, the Helicopter museum in Somerset is no exception. The museum owns a large collection of helicopters from all over the world including seven Soviet models. Manufactured by Mil are the Mi-1, Mi-2, Mi-4, Mi-8 and Mi-24D, there are also a Kamov Ka-26 and a Polish build Swidnik SM-2 on display. More: UK Helicopter museum

15-Nov-2010 Submarine Hamburg, in the North of Germany has one of the largest ports in the world and is a city well worth visiting. One of the top attractions is the Soviet Tango class submarine B-515, now renamed U434. The Tango class is a relatively modern submarine and the B-515 was used for reconnaissance and spying. The museum submarine has been left in original state and visitors get a good feeling how life on a cramped diesel submarines must have been. Comtourist visited Hamburg in 2008 and checked out the U-434. More: U-434 submarine Hamburg