Photos Liberty park
Photos Liberty park

Photos - Liberty Park Overloon

Museum Liberty park near Overloon in the South East of the Netherlands is the biggest war museum of the Country. It has a large collection of military equipment with a large section of Soviet and GDR vehicles, firearms and uniforms. Comtourist went to the museum and photographed all Eastern Block pieces on display.

The museum is build on the location where a big Tank battle took place in 1944 during World War II. The theme of the museum is the liberation of the Netherlands by the allied forces but it also has a large collection of Soviet vehicles and other exhibits. Outside are an IS-2 tank, 152mm ML-20 Howitzer, section of the German Iron Curtain and an East German border pole. In the main building a BTR-60, BRDM-2, Gaz-51, Gaz-71, MiG-21, Ural-43, Zil-131, Zil-157, ZPU-4, ZSU-23, T-55, UAZ-69, UAZ0468, Trabant, MZ-ES-250, MZ-ETZ-250, and two T-34/85 tanks on display. On top of this the museum also has a collection of Soviet uniforms and some smaller exhibits like a Maxine gun and Soviet Snow Scooter. Liberty Park is well worth a visit for those who are interested in World War II and has a substantial collection of Soviet equipment.

Liberty park - Liberty park

Entrance of Liberty park in Overloon, an excellent war museum

Liberty park - ML-20 152mm howitzer

152mm ML-20 Soviet Howitzer outside Liberty Park museum

Liberty park - IS-2 heavy Tank

Soviet IS-2 Heavy Tank in the outdoor section of Liberty Park

Liberty park - BTR-60

BTR-60 Armoured Personnel Carrier produced in the USSR from 1965

Liberty park - BTR-60

BTR-60 drivers station with radio communication equipment

Liberty park - BTR-60

Troop compartment of the BTR-60 with room for sixteen soldiers

Liberty park - BTR-60

Turret of the BTR-60 with a PP-61A optical sight for the gunner

Liberty park - DSHK-38

Soviet DSHK-38 machine gun model 1933 used in World War II

Liberty park - T-34-85

The famous Soviet T-34/85 in Liberty park War museum in Overloon

Liberty park - T-34-85

Soviet World War II T-34/85 painted in winter camouflage

Liberty park - T-55 main battle tank

Russian T-55 Main Battle Tank with special anti mine equipment

Liberty park - ZPU-4

ZPU-4 Soviet towed quadruple-barrelled anti-aircraft gun

Liberty park - ZSU-23

ZSU-23-4 Shilka self-propelled, radar guided anti-aircraft system

Liberty park - BRDM-2

BRDM-2 Armoured Scout Car obtained from the East German Army

Liberty park - GAZ-71

GAZ-71 or GT-SM Tracked Amphibious carrier used for snow terrain