Photos Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums
Photos Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums

Bishkek - Frunze house interior

The living room of the Frunze House with the dinner table

Bishkek - Frunze house interior

We were allowed to make one picture inside the Frunze house by the museum lady, Frunze still means a lot in Kirgizstan today

Bishkek - Frunze Museum exposition

Exposition of the Frunze Museum with memorabilia and photos that relate to the life of the famous revolutionary leader

Bishkek - Battleship Frunze Model

Scale model of the Gangut class battleship Frunze that was named Poltava before the Revolution and renamed after Frunze in 1926

Bishkek - Civil war memorabilia

Shields celebrating the victory of the Red Army over the whites during the Russian Civil war

Bishkek - Frunze statue

Statue of Frunze inside the Museum exposition, also a coach that was used during the Russian Revolution

Bishkek - Frunze bust

Bust of Mikhail Frunze displayed in the Frunze Memorial Museum in Bishkek

Bishkek - Frunze Lenin painting

Painting of Frunze and Lenin looking at a map of Russia, they are probably debating revolutionary activities in the Caucasus

Bishkek - Battle for the Crimea painting

Painting depicting the battle for the Crimea where Frunze retook the Crimea and managed to push White general Pyotr Wrangel and his troops out of Russia

Bishkek - Frunze painting

Painting depicting Frunze being celebrated by the people, probably situated in his native Kirgizstan

Bishkek - Frunze monument

Giant monument in the city centre of Bishkek depicting Mikhail Frunze looking down on the spectators from his horse