Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands
Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands

Soviet aircraft on display in the Netherlands

Aviation and military museums in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Block countries are the best place to see Soviet military and civilian aircraft. Some museums or airfields in Western Europe also posses Soviet made aircraft. This articles looks at Soviet aircraft displayed in the Netherlands, mainly a couple of MiG-21’s and An-2 biplanes.

The main aviation museum in the Netherlands is Aviodrome situated on Lelystad Airport. Aviodrome possess an East German MiG-21, and an Antonov An-2. There is often a second An-2 on display that can be chartered for round flights. The Dutch Air Force museum also owns a MiG-21 plus some American aircraft famous from the Vietnam and Korean War. More Soviet aircraft can be found on various locations in the Netherlands like playground, dump stores and junk yards.

Comtourist pilot Jochem ready to take this bird to the sky

Feeling like a Soviet pilot in an An-2

Model of an Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104 jet airliner on Schiphol

Model of a Tupolev Tu-104 in Aviodrome

Aviodrome Aviation Museum Lelystad

Aviodrome is the main civilian aviation museum of The Netherlands. It used to be located on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and was relocated to Lelystad Airport in 2003. The museum boasts a large collection of excellent aircraft like a Lockheed Constellation, Boeing 747, DC-2, DC-3, Junkers Ju 52 and much more. The most important exhibits of the collection are the different Fokker models making up the Dutch aviation heritage and a replica of the Schiphol terminal and control tower from 1928. The museum does not have much Soviet or Eastern Block exhibits but those on display are interesting aircraft. A MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F of the former East German Air Force is displayed inside the museum building. A staircase wit a platform allows visitors to look inside the cockpit.

The Aviodrome MiG-21 is fully restored by the MiG Restore Team

East German MiG-21PFM

Side panel with many switches inside the cockpit of the MiG-21

Cockpit of the MiG-21

Highlight of the outdoor exposition is the Antonov An-2R build in 1973 and bought from the Lithuanian Air Force in 2003. Visitors can go inside the aircraft and sit in the cockpit, this is a really nice experience. Aviodrome is also the home base of a n East German flying An-2 that can be chartered for round flights.

Antonov An-2R that Aviodrome bought from the Lithuanian Air Force

Antonov An-2R Colt

Comtourist pilot Jochem is ready to fly this vintage Soviet beauty

Cockpit of the An-2

An aerial tour with this great bi plane is an excellent experience

Flying East German An-2

Dutch Air Force Museum Soesterberg

The Dutch Air Force Museum located at a closed Air Force base near Soesterberg has an extended collection of military aircraft. It is well worth visiting for any aviation enthousiast with aircraft like the F-15, F-16, F-104G Starfighter, DC-3, Gloster Meteor, Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, Fokker D-XXI, Fokker G.1A and much more. The only Soviet aircraft on display is a MiG-21 PFM Fishbed from the Soviet Air Force. The MiG is displayed outside and armed with original Soviet AA-2 Atol air to air missiles. Another outdoor exhibit worth mentioning is the USAF F86F Sabre that became famous as the adversary of the MiG-15 during the Korean War.

MiG-21PFM Fishbed at the Dutch Air Force Museum near Soesterberg

MiG-21 in Soesterberg

K-13 air to air missile, copied from the American AIM-9 Sidewinder

AA-2 Atol air to air missiles

The F-86F Sabre became famous as de adversary of the MiG-15 in Korea

F-86F Sabre

Other Soviet aircraft in the Netherlands

Aviodrome and the Air Force Museum are the main aviation museums in the Netherlands but there are more Soviet aircraft that can be found around the country. Wings of Liberation in Best used to display a MiG-21UM but this aircraft is now sold. Liberty Park in Overloon also have a MiG-21 on display. Child playground Aeolus in Sexbierum Friensland also have a Mig-21 on their terrain. Junkyard Rooie Ben selling car parts have Mil Mi-2 Hoplite in good condition near the entrance. Camping de Pluimerskamp own a MiG-21 and an Aero L-29 Delfín. Texel Airfield is home a flying An-2 that once flew VIP’s for the Hungarian Air Force and can now be chartered for round flights. Flying museum Seppe owns a Yakovlev Yak-52 propeller trainer in flying condition. We will update this article in case we track down any other Soviet aircraft in The Netherlands!

Soviet Mig-21UM two seater trainer aircraft, now gone from museum

MiG-21UM trainer

Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21 at the wall of Liberty Park in Overloon


Antonov An-2 at Texel Airport was build in Poland in 1972

Flying An-2

Mil Mi-2 Hoplite helicopter at Rooie Ben junk yard in Amsterdam

Mil Mi-2