About us
About us

The people behind Comtourist

Comtourist editors Sebastian and Jochem grew up during the cold war and were always curious what life would be like behind the Iron Curtain. We started to travel to Eastern Europe in the early nineties just after the fall of the communist regimes. Our curiosity never went away and we still spend time in the Eastern Block every year.

Every year we make a city trip to a former communist capital and a ski holiday in an Eastern European ski resort. We also broadened our horizon and made journeys in the former Soviet Union, China and North Korea. It is our goal to visit every Soviet Republic and former communist country in the next couple of years. We also regularly visit museums in Western Europe, collect documents, read books, watch movies and follow the latest news related to the former communist world.

Mimino is a famous Soviet comedy movie about an helicopter pilot


Dressed in a Mao suit in the Hyangsan hotel on Mount Myohyang


The history of Comtourist

The idea of a website covering our hobby and historical interests was born in 2004, during a tour trough North Korea. Over the years we gained a large amount of photographs, travel knowledge, local contacts and interesting travel stories. In 2009 we decided to start building the website with the material we had collected. The name Comtourist is a combination of the words communism and tourism and also refers to Intourist, the famous state travel agency of the Soviet Union. Early 2011 Comtourist went live and we hope that our readers enjoy the website and find the information useful.

East German Trabant on a square somewhere is Prague in 1992

The early days of Comtourist

What we do

The idea central to this website is to inform internet users about travel in the (former) communist world. We publish photos, tips and stories about the countries and cities that we and our friends have visited. We focus on attractions that relate to communist history, often ignored by the normal travel resources. It is our aim to supplement the well known travel guides with specific information about communist architecture, monuments, museums, stores and other places of interest. We also write about relevant museums, expositions and events in Western European countries like Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. We also aim to summarize all the relevant news published by various media and review books, movies and other media.

What we stand for

Comtourist is a non political organization, interested in the history of communist countries, not the political ideology. We do not have any links or sympathies with the communist ideology and recognize the crimes against humanity committed by communist regimes. Our goal is to provide the most accurate and relevant information for our viewers interested in the history of communist countries. It is our aim to promote alternative tourist attractions in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Asia and Cuba. Comtourist is a non commercial organisation that does not intent to make a profit from the exploration of this website. Our drive is our hobby and the wish to share our knowledge, experience and collected materials with internet user’s world wide.

Comtourist copyright policy

It is the policy of Comtourist to use our own photos and text for the content of this website. We also use scanned images from books, postcards, stamps, money and leaflets published or issued by communist countries in the past. We only use images from the internet or other current sources by exception and strive to be in line with international copyright law. Please contact us if you believe that Comtourist has violated your copyright or failed to properly credit you. Please credit us and provide a link to this website in case you want to use our images or other materials.