20-Sep-2014 Museum The Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces near the Ukrainian town of Pervomaysk is one of the greatest places we at Comtourist have visited in the former Soviet Union. Almost everything at this former missile base still works as it did before it was decommissioned in the early nineties. We descended in the command centre and got to push the button that would have launched the bomb. More: Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

08-May-2013 Museum Many Soviet Republic capitals had a local Branch of the Central Lenin Museum. The former Lenin Museum in Bishkek was mostly left unchanged since Soviet times and is a must see attraction in the Kyrgyz capital. Another great Soviet museum is dedicated to Mikhail Frunze, a Bolshevik leader who was born in Bishkek and after who the city was named during Soviet times. More: Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums

15-Mar-2013 Museum The Railway Museum in not only the number one museum in Tashkent, it is also one of the largest railway museums in the former Soviet Union. The museum boasts a large collection of Soviet made steam, diesel and electric locomotives, plus a variety of carriages and railway engineering equipment. More: Tashkent Railway Museum

03-Oct-2012 Museum Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior in Hermeskeil near the ancient German town of Trier is an aviation museum with a very large collection of aircraft including almost 30 Soviet and Eastern European models, both civil and military. Large passenger planes include an Ilyushin Il-14, Ilyushin Il-18, Antonov An-26 and a Tupolev Tu-134. The collection also includes various helicopters including a giant Mil Mi-6 and an impressive Mil Mi-24 from the East German Army. More: Flugausstellung L+P Junior

02-Oct-2012 Museum The Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum in south-western Germany is packed with a giant collection of cars, aircraft and military hardware. The USSR and East Germany are well represented with the Tupolev Tu-144 also known as the Soviet Concorde as absolute highlight of the exhibition. The only Tu-144 on display outside Russia is placed on the roof of the museum building together with the Concorde and is open to walk in for visitors. More: Technik Museum Sinsheim

01-Oct-2012 Museum The Speyer Technik Museum is a mandatory visit for space enthusiast in general and especially for those interested in the history of the Soviet Space Program. The museum owns an extremely rare Buran Space Shuttle, developed during the 1980s but cancelled after the collapse of the USSR. There are much more exhibits on display that make a trip to Speyer worth while ,including a giant walk-in Antonov an-22 cargo plane and a giant Chinese steam locomotive. More: Technik Museum Speyer

10-Aug-2012 Museum The Yerevan Military Museum inside the Mother Armenia Monument is not very big but the exhibitions are definitely interesting. The Soviet era exhibition about the Great Patriotic War has been moved to the basement to make place form more recent military history. The main floor is now dedicated to the Artsakh Liberation War as the Armenians call the Nagorno-Karabakh that lasted from 1988 to 1994. The museum also displays military equipment around the monument. More: Yerevan Military Museum

19-Jan-2012 Museum Nowhere did Stalin’s hero status last longer than in his Georgian birth town Gori. His statue was only removed from the Central Town Square (still named after him) in June 2010 and his museum is still in full operation today. Comtourist visited the Stalin Museum in August 2011 and we were pleased to find out that nothing seems to have changed for the last 50 years here. The museum is a Soviet Time Capsule where even the guides seem to be imported from the USSR. More: Gori Stalin Museum

13-Jan-2012 Museum The Mikoyan brothers are probably the most famous Soviet Armenians. Anastas Mikoyan was a revolutionary from the first hour who rose to the position of Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. Artem Mikoyan was one of the most famous aircraft designers of the USSR responsible for designing many famous MiG aircraft together with Mikhail Gurevich. The Mikoyan brothers were born in Sanahin Armenia and a small Soviet era museum is dedicated to their lives. More: Mikoyan Brothers Museum

05-May-2011 Museum The Central Air Force Museum has the largest collection of Soviet military aircraft in the world. Most fighters, bombers and helicopters that server in the Soviet Air Force are present at Monino. Many prototypes and very rare aircraft like the Tu-144, Myasischev M-50, Sukhoi T-4 and Mil Mi-12 are on display. Visiting Monino is a fantastic experience for any aviation enthousiast. More: Russian Air Force Museum